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pickle-ham-cream cheese delights!

this is a lil dish my aunt terry used to make for parties. they're lil bite sized treats perfect for ANY time. even great for sandwiches!! all through jr. high i ate it. XD

what you need:

whole kosher dill pickles
softened cream cheese
deli sliced thin ham

how to make!:

grab a butter knife and spread the softened cream cheese on the slice of ham. if it's not softened, it WILL rip the meat. trust me. then, roll a whole pickle up in the ham, making sure the pickle is covered as much as you can. (you CAN you two pieces of ham if the pickle is a real biggun.) the cheese should make the ham stick to the pickle, but i always stick a tooth pick in it to hold it in place. after the pickle is wrapped up, slice it into good size chunks. they should look something similar to little green steaks. XD!
you can stab a toothpick in each one, or not, and place on a platter for an AWESOME lil treat. also, you can use this stuff to make a kick ass sandwich. :)!

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