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Easiest Worlds-Best-Dips Ever

I have two for you! One with salmon, One with Tuna. Both of them made 'to taste,' as in, with the amounts you want.

Salmon Dip

This is from when I visited my mom's hawaiian best friend in Oklahoma. She's awesome.

-Smoked Salmon
-1 whole tub sour cream
-1 whole cream cheese stick

'lox,' or bagel salmon, dosnt work as well as real smoked salmon. I was fortunate enough to be at someone's house who's brother lives in alaska and smokes salmon. The sour cream, you just need your regular tub... and the cream cheese, make sure to get the little box and not the tub.

Mix one stick of cream cheese in a bowl until it's soft enough to mix other things in. Then start dumping the sour cream tub in. eventually, you'll want the entire thing in there. while you're doing this, your friend can start flaking the salmon in with a fork. either that, or you can wait until you're done and do it yourself. that's it-- just put plenty of salmon, and have lots of crackers on hand so you can taste it as you go!

This is good with 'high end' crackers, like crackers with seeds on them, wheat crackers, or 'club' crackers. this is also awesome spread on little toasts and such.

Tuna Dip
I stole this from a place in Statesboro, GA called 'ocean galley.' MMM! it's simple, but theirs always comes out just a tad better somehow...

-Can of Tuna
-Some cream cheese
-liquid smoke

Just mix the tuna and cream cheese (about equal parts, a little heavier on the tuna if you like) until they are VERY!!!! smooth. then add a teaspoon, maybe, of liquid smoke. add more if you like it! I've made it without the liquid smoke, but it's definately not the same.

This is good with saltines.
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