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Strawberry Shortcake

Seems like a pretty well-known reciepe, but as I was making one today I decided to post it just incase some of you don't know it.

Strawberry Shortcake:


1 box cake mix: butter receipe (3 eggs and 1 stick of butter need to make batter)
~4 containers of fresh strawberries (containers = green plastic baskets they come in, I forgot what they are actually called
~20 oz Strawberry Glaze
Whip Cream (preferably cool whip)

-The fresh strawberries and strawberry glaze amounts are only an approximation because the amount varies depending on how thick the person baking want the strawberry layer to be. Usually I make it 1" at the thickest.
-I usually make it the day before I plan on eating it. It seems to be just right when it gets to sit overnight.


1- Pre-heat the oven and grease a 13x9 pan really well
2- Make cake mix and place into pan
3- Bake cake
4- While cake is baking cut strawberries into smaller pieces. I usually cut them into 4 pieces each. 2 pieces if its a small berry.
5- Mix cut strawberries and glaze into a bowl.
6- When cake is finished baking, allow to sit for a few min. Make cuts into the top of the cake but do not go too deep. Do NOT remove cake from pan
7- Apply strawberry and glaze on top of the cake
8- Place in refridgerator
9- When ready to eat, apply generous layer of cool whip on top.
Tags: dessert
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awesome! i've actually never made it! or tasted it!
are you kidding me? well i guess it wasn't as well-known as i thought.

Put it this way, I a total choc-a-holic and straw.shortcakes are so good I would choose it over chocolate anyday