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Peanut stew

Last week, I bought a huge hank of collard greens, because, well, I guess because I've been trying to eat more greens, and because they only cost $2.00.

Last week, I washed and cut up about 2/3 of the greens and made Greens in Peanut Sauce from the Congo Cookbook. I was hoping for something akin to Ma Cecile's Pointe Noire, which was made with easier-to-digest spinach and without fresh tomatoes. But I figure, almost anything is better with a fresh tomato.

Man, I ate that dish all week. I had so much, I gave some to my roommate, put it in burritos, and I still had some left!

Last week, I didn't use up the greens, and I had also bought a sweet potato that was calling my name this evening.

This week, I made a modified souped-up version of the same dish. And man, it's good, and it made so much, I'll have to share with my roommate again!

Here's what I did (which looks to be at least 4 servings):

1. Chopped a good 15 leaves of collards
2. Grated a large sweet potato
3. Put them on to boil, then turned down the heat and cooked for 10min
4. Chopped 2 fresh tomatoes
5. Rinsed a can of pinto beans
6. Drained 1 1/2 to 2 c. of the water from the pot into a dish
7. Drained the rest of the water into the sink
8. Added 1 6oz. can of tomato paste and 6-8oz. peanut butter to the dish of hot water
9. Mixed up the peanut mix and added a generous squeeze of Sriracha hot garlic sauce and a generous dash of salt
10. Put everything (greens, potato, beans, tomato, sauce) back in the pot and covered and cooked on low till it was all hot -- mmmmm!
11. Washed it down with an Uncle Nut's Nut Brown Ale

So, --vegetarian. --cheap. --healthy. -yummy!
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